Hay Day Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

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Hay Day from Supercell is the new farming mobile game the world goes crazy about (remember Farmville?). The game comes with an interesting design and lots of farming work that will keep you busy day and night. The warm colors, the cute animals (we loved the cow) and the continuous challenges that you have to face as a farm administrator, make the game extremely popular.

However, the version you download from Android and iOS is freemium so you’re working with limited resources unless you’re open to investing real money. The main resources that are pretty scarce are the Hay Day unlimited coins and diamonds – these are extremely useful in buying tools, keeping animals fed, and having enough seeds to keep the crop going.

hay day coins and diamonds

Tips & tricks to be a better farmer

Since the game can be pretty challenging, we believe it’s best to have a few tips up your sleeve.

#1: Don’t Give Up Your Seeds

When you first start playing, you have a few seeds in storage that you will plant and then harvest. Each plot you plant will double upon harvest, but you must make sure to keep some seeds in storage. If you let yourself get too excited, you might end up losing your seeds you will have to pay in diamonds to buy some from friends or neighbors. However, Hay Day unlimited coins and diamonds can be spent on most valuable items so, if you’re careful, you can avoid losing money.

#2: A sure way to earn some coins

Hay Day unlimited coins and diamonds can be earned during the game and one sure way to do so is via your roadside stand. If you have lots of eggs or wheat, put them on your stand and let your friends and neighbors know. This is a great way to earn some coins since you can establish the price.

On the same note, it’s best to avoid selling to visitors – they don’t usually want to play premium price and it’s best to say no (they won’t get mad and it won’t affect your game).

#3: Learn to say no to orders

Not all orders have to be fulfilled. It’s OK to dump some in the trash when you don’t have the resources or even the necessary equipment. Keep in mind, your main goal is to develop your farm and earn enough Hay Day unlimited coins and diamonds so you can buy other buildings or land. So, if you think some orders will take too long or you don’t have the necessary equipment, simply drop the order in the trash. Again, this won’t affect your rating or your game.

#4: Don’t forget about experience

As you fulfill orders, you’ll get coins and stars. We already discussed coins but what are stars good for? Well, they help you level up which is important for unlocking various items and getting more earnings in the future.

#5: Learn to schedule your crops

There are crops that take a few hours to grow so you don’t want to block your entire day waiting for them to grow. That’s why it’s best to plant them during hours when you’ll be busy or you’ll be sleeping.