Hitman GO: A puzzling spy story

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If you thought that nothing can wow you anymore, Hitman GO managed to find a new approach in the world of mobile games. Produced by Square Enix Montréal, the game can be downloaded from Google Play where it already has a score of 4.5. The producers used a minimalist scene and created one of the most interesting and acclaimed games in history.

However, the new approach also means that the game is not free. It’s not expensive either, and the entire experience is completely genuine with no ads to interrupt your train of thought. The level of simplicity, aesthetics, and spot-on gameplay mechanics brought Hitman Go lots of praise from both the critics and the players. This led to a few important award nominations and mentions in reputable publications in the niche.

hitman go

The gameplay

Hitman Go is actually based on the Hitman video game series and uses the same mechanics and general experience. The game is divided into several grid-based board levels where the movement is done via interconnected dots and lines where the dot is a position on the board and a line is the way towards the node. It’s just like a board game only you play it on your phone or tablet.

Your job is to guide Agent 47 using swipe moves to direct him in the desired direction.  To get an enemy out of the game, you have to occupy the same position as they are (just like in chess). Of course, once you complete a move, your enemies will also have the possibility to move so you have to block all their escape routes.

There are two types of objectives in Hitman GO: either reach the final node without getting killed by the enemies or assassinate a specific target (by occupying their position). As the game progresses, you will meet new enemies, with different skills and different mechanics. For instance, some enemies will be stationary while others will patrol the board on a predefined route. Hitman GO also asks you to unlock doors by solving puzzles and offers you the possibility to hide behind plants – like a true hitman and spy would do.

Features that make the game interesting

The main feature that attracts so many mystery lovers is the fact that you have to solve puzzles to move ahead. Some are quite simple, but some will challenge your mind and make you think long and hard before you make your next move.

Another feature that attracts is the unusual graphics. The characters are depicted like pawns in a board game and they move accordingly. This is a definitely refreshing situation considering the fact that most mobile games try to attract through heavy visuals and lots of movement.

And finally, as a hitman, you get to try a wide range of disguises which makes the game extremely fun.