Monster Legends Unlimited Gems

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Monster Legend is quite a popular game amongst people of ages due to its amazing backstory, great action, and high video quality. The game is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms and can be played on most modern devices and on Facebook for free. Since this is actually a freemium version, you will have the opportunity to do in-app purchases which may be of great help when trying to reach upper levels.

monster legends unlimited gems

The gameplay

The entire action in Monster Legends is divided into two main categories: creating a cozy home for the monsters and collecting as many monsters as possible. The monsters can be used in battles to win various prizes and even Monster Legends unlimited gems that help you unlock new challenges and new monsters.

But first, let’s talk a bit about the monster’s habitat. You and your team of monsters will get to colonize an island in the middle of the ocean. This island is bare land at first and your main job is to build farms, homes, and temples where the monsters will feel at home. This is important for the next step in our discussion: breeding.

Yes, you will have to breed monsters in order to increase your team. You do so by hatching eggs and having cute and fuzzy baby monsters. But don’t get used to having them around as they will grow up pretty quickly. Once the monsters are big enough they undergo a training period where they start evolving their powers and skills and then you can take them into battle to earn more Monster Legends unlimited gems.

The battles

The game is actually very focused on monsters battling each other in order to increase the current level and win amazing prizes. Your team of monsters will get to meet another monster master’s team of monsters in the Multiplayer arena. If you win, you will get all their resources and your team will climb up a space in online leaderboards.

If you don’t like the PvP mode, you can always participate in Team Wars. For this, you will have to join or start an Alliance and come up with a strategy that other players will agree with. If your team wins, you have the amazing opportunity of getting exclusive monsters that otherwise aren’t available. Of course, your reward will also be in Monster Legends unlimited gems which will help you buy new monsters and unlock new challenges. The best part with forming alliances is that you can team up with friends and increase your monsters’ power.

Keep in mind that there are 300 monsters available and a new one shows up every week. Also, you can create hybrids with unique powers and amazing skills.

To wrap it up

Monster Legends is a great game and it deserves your attention. So, if you have lots of free time and you want to do something exciting, creative, and thrilling, this is a great way to do it. You will be actually playing against users from all over the world!